We provide our clients with legal solutions on a case-to-case retainer basis or under a monthly lump sum fee arrangement.

The areas of expertise of our Firm are the following:

Civil law

  • Preparation and review of private and commercial law contracts (agency agreement, service agreement, lease agreement, etc.);
  • Preparation and countersigning of sale and purchase agreements, lease contracts regarding real estates;
  • Legal representation at the Hungarian land registries; 
  • Preparation of security documents, contracts regarding real estates;  
  • Due diligence in connection with real estates;
  • Medical malpractice cases;
  • Property law  

Labor law

  • Preparing, supervising employment contracts; preparation of contracts regarding managing directors, executive officers
  • Advising, documentation in other labor law related matters (such as the termination of the employment relationship, compensation, industrial accidents etc.)

Corporate law

  • Establishment, transformation of legal entities; preparation of the related documents; advising throughout the entire process;
  • amendment of the articles of association, deed of foundation;
  • advising and representation in competition law cases;
  • general counseling to companies carrying out business activities in Hungary;
  • Due diligence pertaining to companies in Hungary

Representing our clients in civil/criminal procedures in connection with the above mentioned law fields; working on off-court agreements.