Dr. Havasiné dr. Orbán Mária

Dr. Havasiné dr. Orbán Mária joined our Law Firm after more than 40 years judicial career. After her judicial career, as practiser of the profession of an attorney she pursues the principle that “the first judge of the case is the attorney”. This task may be performed ethically, for the benefit and interests of the client, if the client is provided with complete information and fair guidance regarding every details of the case entrusted to the lawyer.

Studies, professional experience

She graduated in 1976 at Faculty of Law of the Janus Pannonius University of Pécs with a “cum laude” certificate. Following the acquirement of her diploma she worked as a court clerk and after her promotion in 1979 as a judge of first and then second instance in civil cases. In March of 1992 she became the president of the Győr-Moson-Sopron County Court and then she was appointed as president of the Győr Regional Court in 2005. She fulfilled this task until the end of her mandate in June of 2016, since then, until 15th March, 2020 she lead the chamber of appeal of the regional court. She continued her work as a judge even while attending to her executive functions.   

Area of expertise 

Based on her experience gained through multiple decades of judicial work, family law cases, division of civil partnership property, tort cases (in particular medical malpractice cases and damages caused within the scope of administrative jurisdiction) succession cases (disputes regarding wills) and restitution claims are within her area of expertise. 

Professional recognition

As recognition of her work as a judge and as an executive, she achieved the highest award for the practisers of the profession of judicial activity, the golden grade of the Juhász Andor Award. The general assembly of the city of Győr awarded her the Deak Ferenc Award. She is a titular university professor of the Deák Ferenc Faculty of Law of the Széchenyi István University of Győr. As recognition of facilitating the contact between the Hungarian and Austrian judicial networks, she was awarded the title of Komtur Knight based on the initiation of the Austrian partner.